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Drop camera with BR2 components

(Steven LE BARS) #1


I am thinking about building a drop camera with a 2 or 3’’ enclosure and live video feed on a surface computer but as you will see in my post I am quite a noob!
What I thought is mounting the low light USB camera on a tilt camera system in the housing + 2 external BR2 lights. I would then get video feed on QGC and be able to control the tilt with the xbox controller.
Just some questions before I buy the equipment and start:
I want the battery on surface with a tether connection so that the camera can stay for long periods underwater. Any idea of subsea tether reference with 1 twisted pair for data and 1 for power?
Do you confirm I only need fathom X tether interface boards + raspberry companion + power module?

Thank you in advance.

(Jacob) #2

Hi @Stevenlb, This isn’t our usual setup, but you will probably be able to accomplish this with our electronics package. Let us know if you have more questions!