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Electronic package topside, Camera, light, depth and temperature sensor subsea

(Oystein Skarholm) #1

Would it be possible to connect the light and sensors of the BR2 electronics to a diver umbilical and control it via QGC. I suppose the light and sensors would be ok, but what about the camera? Is there any way to feed a distanced camera into QGC for recording? Would QGC accept that there is no motors etc. ?

(Marcus) #2

I dont think so as the i2c/USB connections can’t be sent long distances. You need to have the Pixhawk/Pi close to the sensors/USB camera.

In terms of not having motors connected, thats no problem. We have units that have all the electronics in a subsea enclosure, running up to QGC for view/control

(Jacob) #3

Hi @SDI while this is obviously not the intended application for the electronics/qgc, it could be adapted to work.

I suggest trying to do something custom, because you do not require a pixhawk, qgc or raspberry pi to do all of these things necessarily. Your project application is so different, that you will probably be able to cut significant cost and time if you started new. This all depends on the level of hacker in you, but that can always be developed and improved :).