Fathom S and X and Pixhawk - Need Clarification and Help

i want to use an extra camera on my rov but since QGC only supports 1 i want to use a fathom s. my problem is that i am using the advanced electronic package so all of my data is going through the fathom x. the wire connecting the 2 fathom x’s is a pair of high gauge wire from the 4 pairs that come with the tether. because of this, i am not able to attach all of the wires to the fathom s so is there a way for me to attach the fathom s to the fathom x so i can get all of my data through the fathom x and then when it goes up to the other fathom x, it just splits so the ethernet data goes to the computer and the Fathoms s data goes to the top side fathom s. also in the event that i just want to use a fathom s, what is the point of attaching a pixhawk to it. will i be able to control ESC’s and servos from QGC through the fathom s to the pixhawk without using a raspberry pi to relay my data. or does it just send telemetry data like depth and pressure and the voltage and current from the power module. thank you very much for your help

I might be misunderstanding you, but if the problem is that you are running the fathom x, and you want to run an extra camera, you can do this with an analog camera using a spare twisted pair from the BR2 tether. You can run a GoPro analog signal without any converters etc over a spare pair, we’ve run them 150m before, it can probably go further. You can also use an analog HD camera, something with the format AHD or TVI works well, again we’ve run these 150m. You would need a converter for these on the topside end if you want to view on an HDMI screen.

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im trying to find a way to attach the fathom S to the fathom X so i can use an extra camera without having to attach a tether to it. for example, i want to attach an analog camera to the fathom s and then attach the fathom s to the fathom x so i dont need use 4 pairs of wires to connect to the fathom s and another pair to the fathom x. at this point i have exceeded the tether’s 4 pair limit. my goal is to have all my data come from only 1 pair

If you want to send multiple cameras over the fathom X, you should use digital cameras, not analog cameras. IP cameras will be the easiest option right now.

What I am proposing doesn’t need a fathom S. You simply attach a camera signal to a spare pair in your tether, then attach an appropriate connector topside to connect to a monitor. So you would have ROV data on one pair, analog video on another pair.

@jwalser’s right, if you specifically want to use the Fathom X, you should use IP cameras, but it sounds like the goal is just an extra camera right, not necessarily to use the Fathom X?