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Fathom X interface connection with Pixhawk direct

I have the blueRov2 components ,but I want to connect Fathom x directly to pixhawk,
so in the top side i connect an Ethernet cable to the fathom x and usb cable to power the top side part then connect the tether to the other part of the fathom x at the rov and then connect the ethernet cable to the fathom x and the other part of the Ethernet to Rj45 to usb to connect to the Pixhawk and i powerd the pixhwak from supply …but no thing works so what is the problem


Have you tested the Rj45 to USB converter without Fathom X? Which model is it?

Yes I tested the RJ to usb
And I tested the fathom x as the attached images as an extender to ethernet but it doesn’t works

@amressam You should have the indicator lights for “LINK” and “POWER” illuminated for the Fathom-X connection to work. Can you share what your indicator lights look like?

how is your current situation?

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