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Fathom X with Pixhawk

I have the blueRov2 components ,but I want to connect Fathom x directly to pixhawk,
so in the top side i connect an Ethernet cable to the fathom x and usb cable to power the top side part then connect the tether to the other part of the fathom x at the rov and then connect the ethernet cable to the fathom x and the other part of the Ethernet to Rj45 to usb to connect to the Pixhawk and i powerd the pixhwak from supply …but no thing works so what is the problem
And sorry because my older topic have been closed
Photo attached with the led indicators received_868191303556402


I believe it all boils down to how your Ethernet to USB adapter works.
The Fathom X expects Ethernet data. It gets this data and does it’s thing to send it to the other side.
If your Ethernet to USB adapter just uses the wires for transmitting data without respecting the standards, the Fathom X can’t understand it, and can’t do anything with it.

What is the model of the adapter you are using?

I test the fathom X as an extender to network as described but it did not work

Are the “Link” leds on?

Well, it should be working, do you mind sending pictures of the whole setup?

Okay I will send the full connection
The connection is I connect phatom x to laptop and then connect the tether then the other side of fathom x then connect it to pixhawk.
And when I open qground control no connection


I doubt the Fathom X will not work with any USB extenders that happen to use Ethernet cables, as they do not adhere to the Ethernet standard.
They probably just use the Ethernet cables because of the twisted pairs.

The point is that we do not know what kinds of signals are used on that Ethernet cable. Very few of theses extenders use valid Ethernet communication.

The most likely scenario is that they are not recognizable by the Fathom X. In the worst case, the voltage levels may be harmful and can damage the Ethernet side of the Fathom X.

I advise you to try to get things working with the regular setup first, so you make sure nothing got damaged.

Again, what is the model of the USB-Ethernet adapter you are using?

So I want to connect fathom X to pixhawk, what should I do

For your use, the Fathom S may be a better solution. Instead of Ethernet, the Fathom S allows serial connection to the devices.

You have 3 options:

  • Find a USB-Ethernet adapter that uses proper Ethernet communication.
  • Get a Raspberry Pi in the ROV running the Companion software to act as a Ethernet bridge.
  • Switch to the Fathom S Tether Interface