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Tether Number of pairs

Is it possible to use a fathom-s board set with a four wire (two pair) tether

Hi @pgmcphail, you could use just the video from the Fathom-S, which takes two wires, or just the communication, which takes four wires. Unfortunately it wouldn’t be possible to do both.

I’d recommend taking a look at the Fathom-X Tether Interface, which just needs two wires for high speed data.

Thank you Rusty you certainly saved me some time and money I will look at the Fathom-x paired with a pixhawk.

Hi Phillip,

You’ll need a computer as well since the Pixhawk does not have Ethernet. You might want to check out our Advanced ROV Electronics Package, which comes with everything you need.


Hi Rusty,

I did buy the rest of what I needed to install an advanced electronic package. I have not had any experience with linux is there a setup guide for a newbie like me.I have setup on bench installed the sd card from Blue Robotics powered up and logged in that’s were I need help from.

Thanks Phill

Hi Phillip, Can you tell us more about what you’re trying to accomplish, and where you’re at with it?

Are you building an ROV?

Hi Jacob,
I first brought a Trench Rover but after a short time things started failing and it had no backup so i decided to up grade. I have replaced the complete thrust system, lights and I was never happy with how unstable it was so i thought i would like to upgrade the electronics. looking around the market the best supported product seemed to be Blue Robotics. I now have the advanced electronic package less the camera which is coming.I have taken some photos of what I have not sure how to insert them here. I have assembled all the parts ie Fathom x boards x 2, Raspberry pi 3 B, Pixhawk 2.4.8 and as I said earlier put the pre loaded sd card in the Raspberry pi after sorting out the change of the password logged in,The Pixhawk has been loaded with Ardusub as well I just need to know what to do from here any help would be much appreciated.

Thank Phill