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Advanced ROV Electronics Package for my inspection bot?

(Scott Prince) #1

I know the package is designed primarily for an ROV but will it work with my surface bot? Seems to have exactly what I’m looking for for my tethered bot.


(Mark Langille) #2

I don’t see any reason why it would not. The Pixhawk is used in many robotic systems from UAVs, to land based, to ROVs, etc.

The Pi provides the HD camera and ethernet interface via the Fathom X.

So at it’s heart it is not ROV specific really.

Since you are surfaced based you could even incorporate a GPS for positional information and automated missions like is done on UAVs.

(Mark Langille) #3

That said, you could go with a Pixhawk and other options for a ground or air based system if you wanted to go tetherless. There are lots of options in this area. The features in the BR package may not be ideal for your needs since they involve the tether interface as a core element.

Is you system ground or water based?

(Scott Prince) #4

Mark thank you for replying. I’m building a 4 wheel crawler with magnetic wheels that will need to incorporate a camera. I will be using this primarily in power plant boilers climbing vertical and inspecting burners. I have used (crashed) drones in there before and had a lot of issues with wifi so I was hoping tethering would be better.

I like the idea that this kit sends the video to a laptop and all involved will be able to view the video during the inspection.

I don’t have a whole lot of experience in this field so I thought a “package” would prevent me from buying things I don’t need.

Ideally I want to use an xbox controller to a PC to a cat 5 tether. I am experienced with Pixhawk also.


(Mark Langille) #5

In that case it is probably a good way to go if you are using a tether. It may require some custom config on pixhawk side for your controls but the core elements are all there with the video feed and tether Ethernet to PC. We use an Xbox One controller with this setup for the BlueROV2.

Only thing I can see maybe you’d need is a better camera system with ability to have full 360 pan, tilt, and zoom perhaps to aid with inspection.

(Scott Prince) #6

Agree on the camera. Not thrilled with it. I may have to go with a robotic arm and an upgraded camera but thats a whole lot more configuring than I want.

(Mark Langille) #7

A simple 2 axis servo gimbal would probably work for your needs.

The Fathom S interface might be more usable if your don’t need HD. The Analog interface would make connection with other cameras easier.

I’d think the ability to record in HD at the camera for review would also be important?

(Scott Prince) #8

Will def need HD for sure. I’ll google other cameras that will work with Pi, hopefully there are some around. I have a go pro 4 silver so maybe there is a hook up for that. Thanks agin!