Pix hawk telemetry and remote

We have pixhawk module and bluerobotics thrusters but we dont have the communication board. How can we control the thrusters using pixhawk without the communication board? How to transmit video using pixhawk to ground or boat ?


Hi Giridharan,

We make the tether interface boards because this is relatively difficult to do without them.

For data communication to the Pixhawk, I would look at RS422 serial or Ethernet to a companion computer like a Raspberry Pi. For video, you can send analog video over short distances but you need a differential amplifier (like on the Fathom-S board) for longer distances. You can also send video through an Ethernet connection.

Can you specify exactly what you want to do?


I want to transmit video from my rov to my bot over a 100 m tether. How to communicate from Pix hawk and RPi then ?

Hi Giridharan,

If you want to use the Ethernet cable for your tether then you need a Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi Camera. We are working on setup instructions for the Raspberry Pi. Here is the current version of that: http://ardusub.com/raspi-setup/

That explains how to set up the Raspberry Pi to send video and connect to the Pixhawk.