New Build, New builder

Hi Guys, first post.

Just trying to figure this out, I intend to use the blue ROV, great design guys.

I am from the world of fixed wing aircraft with Pixhawk etc. What I cannot get to grips with is how is the comms from the pixhawk to the operator on the surface handled? i assume its ethernet but how do I connect the ethernet to the pixhawk and the controls or game pad on the surface?

I am, sure this is a newbie question so I apologise in advance for asking this.


Comms are usually serial (RS422) or Ethernet. You can brew your own, or wait a little bit for some new products from Blue Robotics. Tom is beta testing one of the new boards in his build:

You can connect directly to the pixhawk board with a serial interface as Paul mentions. The other option is to use ethernet, which requires connecting the pixhawk to a companion computer like the raspberry pi with some additional software running. (mavros or mavproxy).


Hi Guys,

I’m new on this forum and new to the drones.

I understand that to connect pixhawk to QGC software using a serial port (RS422) on the controller I will need a some USB to RS422 converter? Does it matter which port serial 4 or 5 I will use?

What about a USB port on the side of the controller, can I use it to drive the pixhawk? I have used it to load a ArduSub program.

Many thanks for help