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Pixhawk communicating with Arduino

So I am basically trying to connect a micro-ROV to BlueROV2, I was wondering if there is a way for the pixhawk to communicate the the micro-ROV microcontroller through SPI and UART, and how would i be able to do this through Qground, do i need to dig more and have changes in ArduSub? are there any other alternatives for this?

You should be able to get them to talk via MAVLink.

Can you elaborate on your plan? Do you want it to be controllable as an independent vehicle in QGC while using the same communication link as the BlueROV2?

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my plan is to have a mico-ROV that only needs PWM signal for a thruster and PWM signal for a gripper, the thing is that the tether will be tall so i am sure i will have a voltage drop over it, so it’s best to let the pixhawk communicate with another microcontroller. if i can mange to send commands through UART, I2C or SPI from the pixhawk while controlling it through qground that would be prefect.
for example pressing R2 on the joystick moves the microROV forward, dont even need a feedback just a simple control.