Raspberry 4B pixhawk qgc

Hello! I have a problem, and I hope to find a solution here. I am working on a Blue ROV 2 vehicle using Pixhawk and Raspberry Pi 4B. I have successfully connected them and obtained vehicle information on VNC. The problem I’m facing is that the QGroundControl (QGC) software cannot establish a UDP connection with the Raspberry Pi. What is the solution here?

Hi @rabah

Do you mean a Raspberry Pi 3B+ ? Or Raspberry Pi 4?
I’m not familiar with how you’re communicating with the vehicle - what do you mean by VNC?
Can you reach the BlueOS interface @ blueos.local or

If you’re able to connect, checkout Mavlink Endpoints (you’ll need to turn on Pirate mode) and verify everything there looks good.
Best of luck!

After connecting the Pixhawk and Raspberry Pi 4B, I ran MavProxy and the result was positive as follows. As for my next step, I want to link the Raspberry Pi to the program…QGC


Hi @rabah -
Are you trying to use a raspberry pi as your ground control station computer? If so, you’ll want to configure the network adapter you’re using to reach the ROV to have the correct IP address and subnet mask ( /
After that, just launch QGroundControl to connect to the ROV! See their instructions for a few commands you may need to run before launching the program.

thnx anthony …

Can I communicate with the vehicle using the Raspbian operating system? Should I use Ubuntu? Just so you know, I’m using Raspberry Pi 4B, and my program cannot detect the vehicle at all.

Hi @rabah -
I’m a little confused, only because there is no product called a Raspberry Pi 4B! As asked before - Do you mean a Raspberry Pi 3B+ ? Or Raspberry Pi 4?

Either should work as a ground-station to control the ROV, but the pi 4 will likely perform better when streaming the video - you may have to decrease the video resolution to 720p on a pi 3B+.
You can launch the QGround Control .appimage on Raspbian. It or any custom script/program you’d like to access the ROV with will only work if you configure the network connection appropriately. If you don’t want to use the default IP address for your ground control station, you can setup another Mavlink Endpoint (in Pirate Mode) from within BlueOS.
The screenshot you shared indicated you were communicating with a mavlink device over USB? Are you connecting a pixhawk directly to the raspberry pi you are using?
Is your goal to control an ROV? Specifically a BROV2 or maybe something else?

"I have an issue. When I connected the Pixhawk to Raspberry Pi 4, the QGroundControl program couldn’t sense it, even though the connection is established. I’m using an Ethernet cable and working on a project.ROV2 Should I connect to the BLEU OS interface first? I need an answer, and thank you in advance.

Hi @rabah -
To clarify again, the Pxhawk connects to the Pi 4, which connects to a computer running QGroundControl via ethernet / Fathom X tether interface. You will not be able to receive data from the default mavlink connection unless your computer IP address is, with subnet mask If you can load the BlueOS webpage (blueos.local) when connected, but not see a connection in QGroundControl, then your IP address is likely set to the wrong value.