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QGroundControl no connection

Good evening,

Greetings all, I am looking for some guidance and help. I would be most appreciative for any input! Before plucking down $ for the bluerov, I am trying to setup a benchtop rov (Raspbery Pi and pixhawk, neither of which I ever used, no housings, no motors, etc) for protyping purposes.

I am having trouble connecting via qgroundcontrol and recieving the message “Waiting for vehicle to connect”

Some details for trouble shooting…(sorry if this is information overload)

-Topside computer running windows 10 and QGroundControl v3.2.4 BlueRobotics Rev 6
-Raspberry Pi 3 B with updated Rasbian installed (i also have a 3B + …oops).
-Purchased Pixhawk from mRobotics (I hope this is the correct version) (no camera yet)

-I was able to flash the firmware on the Pixhawk by connecting the laptop to pixhawk via usb cable. Firmware Version 3.5.3, Git Revision ad81760b, Frame Type: Vectored/BlueROV2 (I have not yet completed compass and accelerometer setup, however QGroundControl compass and pitch info is responsive when the Pixhawk is connected to laptop via usb)

-laptop and raspberry Pi are connected via ethernet cables to a small hub
-turned off wifi on both topside computer and Pi
-Topside computer has static ip address ( subnet mask)
-Pi has static ip address ( subnet mask)
-I can ping Pi from laptop
-I have installed mavlink and mavproxy as well (do these load automatically at bootup?)
-Pi is powered with ac adapter via mini-usb connector
-I have tried connecting and powering the Pixhawk to Pi via usb and also per wiring diagram on the ardupilot website… no luck.


Thank you in advance for all your help.


FYI is have also made the recommned changes to my windows firewall as well.

Thank you again for your help


I reflashed my pi sd card and things are working now!

Hi @pdj, glad you found us!

Please check ardusub.com for setup instructions. Specifically, you will need to download/burn our own image for the raspberry pi sd card so that everything will work ‘out of the box’.