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Fathom S with Fathom X

(Mark Langille) #1

I assume the Fathom S and Fathom X can be used together on a single ROV correct?

Looking to use the Fathom S as just a video feed system for a secondary camera.

Can it be used as such over the free pairs on the tether to just provide video, ie would only be connected to camera and power ROV side and to power and monitor top side.

(Rusty) #2

You can definitely use the Fathom-X and Fathom-S together to get an extra analog video feed from the ROV. You’ll have to set the jumpers on the Fathom-S board so that it is powered up immediately instead of turned on through the tether.

(Mark Langille) #3

Which pins are used for the video feed on the Fathom S? I couldn’t seem to find the individual notes on the pinout for just a partial tether connection.

Is there a diagram for all 4 pairs? I believe the 4th is the power option.

(Jacob) #4

The blue pair is used for video, the brown pair is used for the power option.

(undersearobotics.com) #5

@jwalser - Could we add that to the docs please? That topic comes up every once in a while and it would be helpful to have handy.