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Electronic package topside, Camera, light, depth and temperature sensor subsea

Great any information would be great. Hoping to place an order soon. Also can we get a single lumen on a 100m wire since you can purchase the lumen wire by the M?

Regards Dustin.

See my response above the picture.

So I am guessing it fits? So I should be good to order those parts and figure out some other lighting?

Yep, it fits with a couple millimeters to spare in the 2" tube! I don’t know of anyone who has made an electronics tray that small, so you are a bit in uncharted territory.

Sounds great I will figure something out. Just double checking So with the analog camera with the s board doesn’t require a power source?

The Fathom-S will require a 7-20V DC power source. I don’t really have any suggestions for anything with that voltage and is small enough to fit in a 2" tube with the board.

Ok will look into it. And for that. What amperage?

Airsoft battery from HobbyKing might work perfect.

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