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BR for dummies QGC & Gstreamer

Hello all. I am looking to see if anybody has time to give me a basic lesson on Gstreamer, the connection between Gstreamer, QGC and video. I am a very experienced ROV operator but I am new to this software and command writing. If anybody has time please contact either on facebook https://www.facebook.com/michael.t.sparkes or email me at mtoddsparkes@hotmail.com.

Thanks for your time

Hi Todd,

I think it would be really valuable for us to make a diagram to illustrate how all of the pieces of ArduSub work together. We’ll work on that and post something here.


Thanks Rusty.
I see that many discussions on the forums that I don’t know what is applicable to BR2 and what is not.
Being from the ROV industry myself everything is composite video. Plug and play.
No command lines required.
Overlay installed by hardware.
Data strings pre-imposed on video for depth, head, etc
I searched online for an simple explanation to work with Gstreamer. Every explanation starts with “Type in this command”
Nothing explains where to type in the command. Yeah I am that basic. LOL
It must be frustrating for you and your programmers/engineers to deal with newbies like myself.
Sorry and thanks for your time.


Here’s a first draft made by @jwalser. We’ll make a better looking version, but first, any feedback?

This explains how different components of the system are connected in hardware and software.

This is a great start, a block diagram makes things much easier to understand.
Do I have to manually assign the port designations on the topside computer?

No, these are the default ports used by QGC. They can be reconfigured though, if needed. You do need to set a static ip.

You need to set a static IP of on your topside computer. The Raspberry Pi is already set up for