Alternative QGC IP Addresses?

I’m assuming that the answer to this is a straight up “No” but thought I’d ask just to verify. Is there any work around to allow a computer with different IP address than to run QGC and control the ROV? I am currently working on both a wired and wireless solution and since the WiFi and Ethernet cards are different, they have different MAC addresses. That means, depending on how I want to connection, I have to go into my router settings and change them and reset. Additionally, I’d like to have the option to use 2 different computers which again, requires changing routers settings. It’s fairly easy, just takes time and effort to do it every time I want to switch between the two. Just thought I’d confirm that this was something that was an absolute with no work around. Thanks!

You can do this with the most recent version of the companion software that runs on the raspberry pi.

It involves:

  • setting a new static ip on the pi at Write down the new ip, requires reboot to take effect
  • Changing the target address for the video stream at
  • Changing the target address for the autopilot telemetry at

I’ll make a note to do a writeup.

Awesome! Nice. Easier to change it in one spot than in the router where I have to mess with the MAC address routing. Any chance it might work with a hostname like topside.local rather than an IP address? That would totally simplify my wifi vs wireless connection piece.

Thanks Jacob!

There’s a chance that could work; I haven’t tested it.

I’ll give it a try this weekend.

I’ve gotten gstreamer and MAVProxy to work with a domain name like “topside.local” in Ubuntu. For MacOS and most Linux distributions, follow Jacob’s instructions, but replace the target IP addresses with your local domain name. The same should work for Windows if Bonjour is installed.

One thing to note is that you will need to either restart gstreamer and MAVProxy or restart your ROV every time you change between networks/computers to force the ROV to search for the correct IP address.

Awesome! Great to know! Thanks!

From our experience, MAVProxy will work with the QGC controller on any IP address in the same subnet. It appears the ROV (MAVProxy) sends a broadcast out to the local network and any QGC instances that receive it will respond.

The video streaming function however goes to a hard-coded IP address (; we have set up a solution where we have a device (RPi) at that address which forwards the video stream to another address (local or remote) that we can specify. This means we do not have to change the configuration on the ROV every time.



@Mark_USR With the most recent update, you can configure things as outlined in my first post here.

how you do that can you explain with photo @Mark_USR @DrewFulton


@rohit, the instructions are in these discussions. You may check this link for a real document in the future. Add remote operation instructions · Issue #44 · bluerobotics/ardusub-gitbook · GitHub