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IP Address Change

Hi there

Went into the network portal at and changed the Ip address to as I was wanting the ROV to work on a network with other items.
However after changing the IP and rebooting the Pi we got no comms. Changed network Ip address on PC and it pings 20.20 fine, it can see it but QGC cant and i cant access via web browser. What else needs changing for this to work please?
Or another way to access the Pi to change the IP back to

Suggestions anyone?

I think you should still be able to access the browser, try rebooting the ROV.

The problem is that you chose an ip address on the 192.168.20.* subnet instead of the 192.168.2 subnet. It’s ok, but the qgc comms are hard coded to be sent to You can change that on the :2770/mavproxy and :2770/camera pages.

To manually adjust it back to normal, take the sd card out of the pi (or ssh) and change the ip=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx text to the ip that you want to use in the text file /boot/cmdline.txt

Thanks Jacob

Problem is i cant access the :2700/mavproxy and :2700/camera pages anymore once the Ip was changed. Web browser just doesnt want to know and Ip on the network was changed to match 20.20 aswell … no good.

Think i will just change the Ip back and change everything else on the other subnet to match the ROV, might just be easier.
Thanks for the assistance.