Revert to defualt IP address

I accidentally changed the IP address of my ROV in the ‘Companion Web Interface’ Network page. I now seem to lost communication with the product. How can I restore the IP address to its initial state? Any help is appreciated!

Hi @username2, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

If you know the IP that you set it to, you can set your computer’s IP to one in the same subnet, then connect to the ROV via its new IP, and change it back to the original one.

If you don’t know the new IP then you can cycle through IPs with your topside computer and try searching for other devices on the same subnet until you find it, but at that point it’s likely simpler to open the electronics enclosure and flash on replacement firmware.

Thanks for your reply. Can I get more details on the first solution?
Should I follow the ‘Network Setup’ tutorial and replace the address in the ‘IPv4 Settings’ to the new IP address and keep the Netmask as default ( Sincere apologize for my insufficient knowledge in network.

Yes, that’s correct :slight_smile:

Not a problem - everyone needs to start somewhere :slight_smile:

Thanks! If I do managed to ping the new IP address, what are the next steps I should take to change the IP address for the ROV?

On the Network page, change the default IP back to, then reboot Companion and change your topside computer’s IP back to (at which point you should be back to normal operation)

To access the Network page, I should navigate to with the default IP. With the new IP address, should I change the link to ‘new IP:2770/network’, ‘new IP/network’, or something else? Thanks!

Yes, accessing the web interface requires using the IP of the Companion computer in the URL ( for the network page)