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No connection to Qgroundcontrol after changing RPI IP address


I’ve been running my ROV without any problems for a while now. However. I decided to change the IP of the RPI (and PC) to 192.168.1.x to make it compatible with an ethernet sonar I’m using. When I changed the IP, Qgroundcontrol no longer connects to the pixhawk.
I can still use the web interface for the RPI and once I changed the host ip for the video to the new IP address it works and shows up in Qgroundcontrol.

I’ve tried the troubleshooting on the homepage but nothing helps. I can see the pixhawk and software version through the RPI web ui. It just doesn’t want to connect via Qgroundcontrol.

So, this happened due to a change of IP on the RPI and PC. Nothing else.

Any idea how to solve this?

This is not a supported use case yet.

The companion software is hardcoded to send telemetry to, your computer is not on this ip, so it cannot receive anything.

You can change the ip address at and, or wait until dhcp is supported (scheduled by/before jan 1 2020).

Thanks for the response. Is it not possible to change the telemetry IP from somewhere in the raspberry image?

The reason I want to change is that I have a sonar that runs on 192.168.1.x. And it cannot be used along the raspberry pi as it is now.

It is possible:

But in your last post you said it was hardcoded to send telemetry to

So i can actually change it to and it will auto connect with qgroundcontrol?

The ROV computer is configured to send telemetry to by default. It is possible to change it as described above, but we do not support any other configuration at this time.

DHCP mode will be included in a later release.