QGroundControl by Wifi


I manage to connect the rasberry PI with Wifi, and I can SSH it through Wifi.

I want to be able to control it with QGround control with the Wifi interface instead of the Ethernet interface. Do I need to modify a specific fileon the rpi to do it ?

I know it will not work underwater, but if you have any clue, I will appreciate.

Thank you

Hi Philippe,

You can check our wireless topside guide if you want some information of how to do it.
But, about your issue, probably is the computer IP that is not correct, you can fix that via your wireless router (as our guide explain) or you can change companion configuration to send video and telemetry to your computer IP.

You need to change the video stream IP:

And the telemetry IP:

Thank you very much.

If it is not working as I want, I will come back to ask you.

Have a nice day.