Can't connect to my companion rPI via WIFI


I can’t connect to my companion rPI from my surface computer via Wi-Fi. I tried with notebook and phone as well, but I got only “Disconnected” message in QGroundControl’s headline.

Untitled Diagram.drawio

Here are the log messages what I got from the surface computer’s QGroundControl:

[D] at D:\a\qgroundcontrol\qgroundcontrol\src\ - "Settings location "C:/Users/Me/AppData/Roaming/" Is writable?: true"
[D] at D:\a\qgroundcontrol\qgroundcontrol\src\ - "Filter rules "*Log.debug=false\nRTKGPSLog.debug=true\nGStreamerAPILog.debug=true\nqt.qml.connections=false""
[D] at D:\a\qgroundcontrol\qgroundcontrol\src\ - "System reported locale: QLocale(English, Latin, United States) ; Name "en_US" ; Preffered (used in maps):  "en-US""
[E] at :0 - "serialnmea: No known GPS device found. Specify the COM port via QT_NMEA_SERIAL_PORT."
[E] at D:\a\qgroundcontrol\qgroundcontrol\src\PositionManager\PositionManager.cpp:188 - "QGCPositionManager error 0"
[E] at :0 - "Location access failed."
[D] at D:\a\qgroundcontrol\qgroundcontrol\src\Vehicle\ - "MAVLink logs directory: "C:/Users/Me/Documents/QGroundControl/Logs""
[D] at D:\a\qgroundcontrol\qgroundcontrol\src\QtLocationPlugin\QGCMapEngine.cpp:164 - "Map Cache in: "C:/Users/Me/AppData/Local/cache/QGCMapCache300" / "qgcMapCache.db""
[D] at qrc:/qml/MainRootWindow.qml:51 - "QGCCorePlugin(0x18a7b9f5830) []"
[D] at D:\a\qgroundcontrol\qgroundcontrol\src\MissionManager\ - "setCurrentPlanViewSeqNum"
[D] at D:\a\qgroundcontrol\qgroundcontrol\src\MissionManager\ - "setCurrentPlanViewSeqNum"
[D] at D:\a\qgroundcontrol\qgroundcontrol\src\ - "Download QGC stable version failed "Error during download. Error: 3""
[D] at D:\a\qgroundcontrol\qgroundcontrol\src\MissionManager\ - "_recalcFlightPathSegments homePositionValid false"
[D] at D:\a\qgroundcontrol\qgroundcontrol\src\MissionManager\ - "_recalcFlightPathSegments homePositionValid false"

But I can ping the companion from the phone and from the computer as well (not the same time, of course).

Here is what i see on phone, and the ping with termux:

And here is what I got on computer:

Hi @Sandor95, welcome to the Blue Robotics forum :slight_smile:

Can you explain what software you’re running on the Raspberry Pi and Pixhawk, and what connection configuration you’ve done in QGroundControl?

Some comments on the information in your post:

If you’re not using an ArduSub-based vehicle or Blue Robotics software then you likely want to be on the more general ArduPilot forum instead (or the PX4 forum if you’re not running ArduPilot software).