Dropout of video over wifi

Hi guys,

I have an issue when viewing video in QGC over wifi. Evert ten seconds or so the video drops and I see a garbled grey mess. The video returns to normal after a few second, but dropout is happens consistently. This does not happen through direct ethernet connection.

Things I have tested:

  • I have upgraded the wifi router from a 300Mbps to an AC repeater at 750Mbps
  • I have a solid 70-80Mbps connection up and down when testing in
  • I have tried dropping the Frame Rate and Frame Size
  • I have tested on Windows and Mac with top spec computers

None of the above has noticeably improved the situation. I think that it is a timing issue with the low latency video and latency over wifi. Has anyone had similar issues?




The same problem bothers me
same time: about 10s
same problem:a garbled grey mess
I am trying to upgrade the hardware. It seems that this is not useful.

When the curve goes down, the video is lost

Guys I have exactly the same problem. any solutions?

I have this seldom on wired ethernet with router.
No internet connection to router.
Often hiding the map (lower left) helps.
Might be QGC trying download and overlay map in my case, but there is no map to get.

Try hiding map in QGC.
Try wired ethernet via router.

Hi, in my case I use a Umbiqity AP and changed my computers WiFi settings to only 20 MHz bandwith. Now it is super stable.

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I’ll point out that this is not a supported scenario and it is recommended to stick to a wired LAN.

I’ve noticed the same sort of poor performance in my few experiments. I’m not sure what the problem is at this point. But there are some hints in the comments here.

Hey Jacob, I understand that this is not officially supported, but it is a feature that makes a huge difference in my environment. In South Africa the offshore conditions are often rough and being tethered is an issue.

This is definitely not a bandwidth issue and most of your competitors support wireless video transmission. Would it be possible to get this on the roadmap for looking at? I suspect that this is a timing issue in QGC as it happens across video size and quality settings.



At the moment, we are not working on it. Perhaps in the future.

Perhaps not, but there is more to consider like latency, and reliability. Your bandwidth testing tool might be reporting the maximum instantaneous transmission throughput it was able to achieve, while in reality the connection might be unreliable.

We have used high-end (ubiquiti) wifi radios without issue. You might want to share more about your own setup and experiences in order to expedite development of this application.

All of the software is free and open source. You are welcome to edit it, improve it, and make it work to suit your needs.

I use wireless setup and had latency issues too.
I changed my WiFi adapter bandwith settings to 20MHz, and reduced output power to medium. Now everything is super smooth.
Jan R

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