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Video freezing and grey frames in QGC 4.0.5 when recording

Using video recording in new QGC version gives a lot of frozen frames with a grey image.
This occur on both livestream in QGC and recording. In recording there is no “grey frame effect” but freeze instead.
Processor load is general higher than earlier QGC, 30% without recording, 40-45 with recording.
Effect is intermittent, can run for minutes OK, followed by several in 30 seconds.
Always happens 6 seconds after starting recording.
When the effect occurs QGC processor load typically goes from 40 to 80%,
I thought new video processing should mean lower processor load, not higher.
Using internal Intel graphic card instead of Nvidia card gives same result, both in processor load and frozen frames. Maybe that could be a hint since using nVidia card in my mind should take load of processor?

Trying response via QGC Git. https://github.com/mavlink/qgroundcontrol/issues/8631

Hi @Boko,

Can you check your processor load by logical cores? It is possible that some of them are maxing out.

Perfect! Thank you.

Also, What are the specs of your topside computer?

Hi @williangalvani !
Yes, processors are hitting close to 100%
Strange thing is that this did not happen in QGC 3.5.2
Tell if I can do more to narrow this down.

Spec of computer and load curve:

If you right click the CPU Load chart, you should be able to show the load for individual cores, I expect at least one will be at 100%.

I’m not quite sure what the cause is for the higher processor load, though.

Yes, there are hits to 100%

@Boko I was having the same issue with my topside computer on 4.0.5. Try the 4.0.8 release.

That worked for me. My GPU driver (AMD) was also horribly out of date, so I updated that. I’m down to a 25% processor load and no more frozen grey frames. I may have just been a combination of things out of date. I still need to go out into the field and test.