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Video stream display issue

Hi Folks,
New to the forum so be gentle! We are currently experiencing an issue with the video stream from our Bluerov 2. The display on the lap top is changing from perfect to greyed out every few seconds and back again. The grey screen isn’t blank as such, there still seems to be a live feed, but can vaguely see it. Not the best of explanations. I tried attaching a small video of the display but not allowed. attached couple stills of the laptop display. Any ideas what could be causing this? Many thanks, Kevin

This is often a processor-related issue.
I would recommend using QGC 4.1.4.
This version gives you a more stable video-stream. considering «grey-frames».

If you have «low latency mode» turned on, turn it of. This will make a big difference.

Next thing you can consider is to choose less frames pr second. Open your webbrowser, type in
and change FPS to f.eks 25.

I hope some of this can get you in the right direction.

Make sure the laptop is not on power save mode and its set on max performance.

Welcome to the forum @beekay :slight_smile:

@Espen and @johannv’s suggestions cover what we normally suggest for this issue (thanks!).

QGC 4.1.4 can be downloaded from here (you want the .exe file), and should fix the occasional grey video frames issue :slight_smile:

Many thanks for the help Guy’s, issue now gone after Installing QGC 4.1.4 and dropping frame rate to 35.
Kevin :ok_hand: