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Changing IP for Companion Computer

(Yakov) #1

I need to change the IP address for the companion computer in order to work around some firewall issues (disabling or adding exceptions is not an option). I changed the address for the computer and I am able to access it either via ssh or the web UI but I am having issues with QGroundControl. I confirmed using a different machine that everything connects fine with the original IP address.

I looked through the code and saw that the computer IP appears to be coded into a few places in some of the parameter files. I adjusted the IP addresses and was able to see the camera via QGroundControl. I am still not able to see anything from the Pixhawk. I ran screen -r mavproxy and it is definitely running.

The param files I changed are gstreamer, gstreamer2, and mavproxy. For mavproxy, I changed the final number for udpbcast to 20 rather than 255 since that value isn’t available to me. Is this supposed to match to the MAVLink System ID in QGroundControl? I tried changing that value but it is still not connecting.

Am I missing any other parameter files or other places where I need to update an IP?

Thank you.

(Jacob) #2

See here: Alternative QGC IP Addresses?

It is recommended to change things using the user interface, not by editing files by hand.

It’s broadcast udp, it means it goes to every ip address on 192.168.2 subnet. 255 is the right number here. If you do not want broadcast you can use udpin or udpout. In mavproxy console you can enter output list to see the active outputs.