Change IP to different address

It says in the release blog: Multiple static IPs and DHCP configuration

Our current setup rely on having the IP not be and I was trying to change it, I have looked in the settings but I cannot find how to change it. Previously you could do it from the gstreamer and mavproxy files and in the webUI but I cant seem where to make these changes?

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Hi @kallah,

The idea with BlueOS is to eventually move to a fully dynamic IP system, where changing IP requires minimal configuration, but at this point there are still three places that need checking:

  1. Editing the “GCS Client Link” MAVLink Endpoint (requires Pirate Mode)
  2. Editing any configured video streams
  3. Setting the new static IP of BlueOS itself

1 and 2 are only necessary if the topside IP is changing away from (which may not be the case if the IP of the onboard computer (running BlueOS) remains within the 192.168.2.x subnet).