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Additional resources for, and questions about initial networking setup?

I have a Fathom ROV that I cooked the operating image on and have not been able to get a replacement image for. But that is another rabbit hole… I cleaned it out (insane buoyancy foam) and ordered a bunch of goodies from BR.

Oh, and I am using a Pixhawk 2.6.8, hopefully that won’t matter?

I haven’t reassembled the ROV, instead trying to get the guts online first. So far pretty good success. I have most things communicating and was able to calibrate the BR depth sensor. I am using the Pi V2 board connected camera. It is a 264 type.

I don’t “think” I have to have the USB connected camera, but I suspect this is adding in another layer of complexity to something already outside my normal sphere of knowledge.

I suck at networking though, and I am stuck at getting the video actually working. Eventually, I want to utilize a Yuneec ST16 android controller. If need be, I will gut it and stuff a Pi into it for the topside computer. I mention this as the simpler it is to connect to it, the better.

So my actual question is, would I want the companion computer to be the UDP server, or the topside? What will give me simpler setup to use whatever topside? With the ST16 on the Android, processing power might be a little lacking. My other topside options are a Toughbook (2.6ghz. maybe 8g ram, could be upgraded to 16) and a MacBook (2.5ghz, but 16g ram) (oh, and I would prefer to use the Toughbook).

The ArduSub documentation left me with more questions than it answered and I don’t have a working platform trying to follow it yet. The OpenROV documentation was much better, but slightly different addresses (I think I can correct those at least).

If I can quickly solve this, I am on vacation this week and planning an adventure this coming weekend. I grabbed a Chasing Dory just in case, but it isn’t really a capable camera platform.