Adding stream for 2 cameras


I have a client that has 2 USB cameras plugged into the RPi using BlueOS.

I can configure each stream no problem but BlueOS does not allow me to add more streams. (option to add stream is greyed out)

I want camera one to stream to 2 different ports and second camera to stream to a third port.

Looks like BlueOS restricts to only 2 streams.

Cany suggestions?


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Hi @etienne,

You should be able to add additional endpoints by clicking the pencil to edit the existing stream, then clicking the blue plus beside the existing endpoint to add another one:


Don’t know how I missed that, thanks.

Seemingly it could be more intuitive.

Do you think it would help if we changed the “Add stream” button to “Add stream(s)”, and/or would it be better to remove the current pencil edit button and just change the “Add stream” button to an “Edit streams” button when there’s one or more stream already configured? :slight_smile:

To be honest, I could have been more attentive. I had done it before but the fact that this client was using 2 cameras threw me off a bit. I was expecting to:

  1. Add stream
  2. Pick camera
  3. type udp

When it comes to layout, everyone has its own opinion and this would be endless.

What you got there is good enough I think.

Thanks for the help.