Custom QGC - video stream error

Hi everyone,

We had a custom QGC. We are having a problem with the video stream.

Our QGC is not listening the video stream’s udp port. But it was working 2 weeks ago.

It can be related to windows update?


Something seems to be wrong on qgc’s side. 5600 UDP should be showing in the list. Check QGC’s video stream settings

If you are using BlueOS, make sure the camera manager is detecting the camera and a stream is configured, as it is responsible for publishing the video streams to QGC

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It is working on original QGC.

But it was working 2 weeks ago like i said.

BlueOS is detecting and streaming. I can see it in the videos page.

Where should I check?

Has anything changed since then (e.g. have you changed your code, and/or have you pulled new changes from the upstream repository)?

No we are using it for 2 year. But the video part is crashed right now.

We used the blueOS with that custom qgc and everthing was fine. But right now it is not working.

with same custom qgc on another computer it is working.

Where should I check? Do you have any opinion?

Maybe double check the network settings (IP address, allowed ports, make sure QGroundControl has permission to access the ports). Not sure what else it could be