Video stream lag on QGC


I am having issues with the UDP Streaming on QGC, the lag went really bad after starting video streaming for couple seconds.

I tried the poor video condition trouble shooting guideline already, and i noticed other people had the same lagging issues, so i reviewed all the topics about it. But my issue did not fix yet.

Here I just want to share some clues under my system. See if anyone can tell what is wrong.

My system config:

Mini PC(50 watts)
Win10 (64) Professional
Companion Software V 0.0.15,
ArduSub 3.5.2
QGC V3.2.4 BlueRobotics-Rev4

  • Under the VLC with URL:, the video streaming works fine, no lag, very smoothly.

  • With default setting on QGC, the UDP streaming lags a lot, the image crashes all the time.

  • I could not test the bandwidth at, please see attached pic.

  • I also tried the “recording disabled version of QGC,” , but did not fix my issue

What browser are you using?
Does it work with firefox/chrome?

sorry the pic did not show up, failed to upload somehow,