Lag in the video with the daily build of QGC

Hi all,

When I use the daily build of QGC, the video streaming has a high latency (up to 4 sec), and a strong lag. Any ideas? I’m using Windows 10 and 7, having the same issue.

I had the same problem when using some low-quality lan adapters (my laptop has no RJ45 in)

Can you please put in an issue on github with information like the version you are using (there is a hexadecimal hash in the application window title bar) and the model of computer you are using.

You can also retrieve some debugging output. In the ‘Set Logging’ menu, select VideoReceiverLog and VideoManagerLog, then restart the application and go back to the console tab to see if there is anything of interest.

Any other observations are helpful, too. Does the issue affect recorded video? What is the most recent version you have tried that does not have this issue?

Ok, I was installing the last daily build, for copy the header and provide the information in GitHub, and found that the video streaming is already working! I don’t know what version was causing the problem, but it seems solved now. Sorry for posting before check the last update!

Thank you @jwalser