Motor control issues with the latest version

I found sonething interesting.
When I use Ardusub version 4.1 and above, I find that the number 5 motor does not work, however when using version Ardusub 4.0.3, the number 5 motor works fine. I don’t know how to fix it, is there can anyone help me?

The hardware environment is BlueRov2 Heavy

I use QGC test the motor No. 5, by pulling down the amplitude bar of motor No. 5.

Hi, can you try reverting to firmwre default parameters?
In QGC → vehicle → parameter → tools

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Yes, but it doesn’t seem to work

Hi @suitangxiaoyi,

If changing ArduSub versions causes the motors to not work then there’s most likely something wrong with your parameters, or there could be a bug in ArduSub. Given you’ve mentioned you’re using the current stable version, it’s more likely to be a parameter issue.

  1. Does the motor work in the Motor Test page, or not at all?
  2. Can you confirm the following parameters?
    Parameter Value
    SERVO5_MIN 1100
    SERVO5_TRIM 1500
    SERVO5_MAX 1900
    MOT_PWM_MIN 1100
    MOT_PWM_MAX 1900
  3. If those parameters are fine, are you able to save your parameters to a file and upload them here? :slight_smile:

Thanks, now the motor N0.5 works fine.
If so, can you provide parameters for the campass? Because my compass calibration is always unsuccessful.

Unfortunately that doesn’t make sense to do.

Calibration exists and is useful because each device, configuration, and local environment is unique, and the calibration helps convert a unique situation into something closer to the consistent idealised values that the program is designed around.

If I could send you calibration values from my flight controller and have them work well in your vehicle then there would be no need to do calibrations - the values would just be included in the firmware.

It may help to try re-calibrating the accelerometer, and possibly also the gyroscope. Beyond that I would direct you to my previous response in your post about your compass issues.