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Issue with WaterLinked DVL integration (hardware)

I have previously integrated the WaterLinked DVL with my BlueROV2. During testing today I continuously lost connection in QGroundControl to the ROV.

Having troubleshot every part it seems to be the ethernet switch setup.

The switch itself is a RTL8306E. aliexpress, (not the most reliable place to source electronics but it has done the job)

The power for it was just spliced out of the on board 5V 6A regulator (which is probably why the connection kept dropping)

A more robust setup is definitely needed as this was the way it was originally done while under time constraints. (which worked very well as I had posted here)

Could anyone advise on a better setup/parts? To note: the DVL is powered directly off of the main busbar.

We have used two fathomX card linked up together in the tube. One for raspberry and one for DVL. Worked great.

You could use these. It’s possible to put two in the ROV (similar to what almathisen did above), feeding into the same tether up to another topside as the receiver. https://www.amazon.com/eKL-Extender-Converter-Ethernet-Security/dp/B07L6X94XS

They are alot cheaper than the Fathom X boards.