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How to connect Bluerov2 to DVL

I recently purchased a Waterlink “DVL A50”.
I would like to connect the DVL A50 to the BlueROV2, but there are some things that I can’t figure out just from the website that I referred to here.
The site I referred to: BlueROV2 integration - Documentation
How does the IO interface board connect to the ROV’s Raspberry Pi?
Please let me know how to connect it, preferably with a picture.
Thank you very much.

The version is Revision 3.

Hi @cymal6,

The docs you linked to specify the following ethernet connections between the various boards:

The closest thing I’ve got to a picture is the one from our ethernet switch:

The green arrow between and DVL represents an ethernet connection between the ethernet switch and the IO interface board.

If you’re using the ethernet switch linked to in the Water Linked guide, your connection to the DVL will be with a standard ethernet jack on the end, rather than the smaller connector used on ours :slight_smile:

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Hi.Thanks for sharing your cool products.
I was able to install it on my ROV2 without any problems.
Now I have a new problem.
I’m trying to use the ROS of the DVL A50.
I was able to connect to the Raspberry Pi, but I’m confused at the stage of specifying the IP address.
It’s probably a simple problem, but I don’t know.
Can you please tell me how to find it?

Thank you for your help.

The settings are as shown in the following image.

You need to connect to the DVL ip address. I assume that is, if you have the standard network setup.



Hello, AL.
Thanks for the answer.

I’ve set the Raspberry Pi address for ROV to “” as you said earlier in this community.
As AL said, I set the IP of the DVL to “” and entered the ROS command. (Input command: rosrun waterlinked_a50_ros_driver publisher.py _ip:=
As a result, I got “[ERROR] [1637569038.234244]: No route to host, DVL might be booting? [Errno 111] Connection refused”.
When I pinged, I got the following result, and there seems to be no problem with the ROV connection configuration. (Except for the IP address)
— ping statistics —.
8 packets transmitted, 8 received, 0% packet loss, time 7168ms
rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 0.312/0.330/0.367/0.027 ms

Please tell me again what kind of network configuration you have.

Thank you very much.