Companion 0.0.31 Update - DVL merge

Hi everyone,

Companion 0.0.31 is the new latest stable release! :slight_smile:

The release notes are available, but primarily this update brings the previously separate DVL branch in with the main functionality, so ROVs will now be able to connect to the Water Linked DVL-A50 without requiring a separate Companion version. It also improves the stability and robustness of the DVL functionality a bit.

This is the final update to Companion before our full release of the current BlueOS (Beta) software, and any Companion 0 updates in the meantime will be focused on fixing bugs or things that break.

The normal update process (from the System page of the companion web interface) should work for most setups, but for those already on the DVL branch it’s likely best to directly flash the new image.

The Future

BlueOS is a major rewrite that should significantly improve development and capabilities going forwards, and already includes some decent improvements and new features (multiple camera streams, can use Raspberry Pi 4, and more).

Anyone is welcome to try it out and provide feedback, and if you currently use custom integrations, or are interested or involved in developing them, we encourage you to join the Integrations/Extensions discussion thread :slight_smile: