Companion update crash

Finally felt like I had to upgrade the companion software on our most-used ROV (it was V 0.15). I linked successfully to the companion and started the upgrade, but it looked like it froze ~ 2hrs later. I refreshed the page, and it said it was at V 0.31, so I rebooted the system and now it seems I can’t connect to the companion at all (neither system or management IPs work), so it seems the update failed somehow. Can I solve this by directly writing onto the microSD? I believe that’s what I did previously since connecting to the uni network via the companion always seems to be difficult.

Hi @Vincent,

Yes, if a Companion update fails you can fix it by flashing to the SD card.

Note however that Companion is no longer being developed, so assuming you don’t need the Raspberry Pi camera or the Water Linked UGPS (which are not yet supported) we recommend switching to BlueOS instead :slight_smile:


Yes I’m sure we’ll upgrade when we get a chance. This particular ROV is getting a huge makeover (inc 4 new thrusters, new frame, new balast) given it’s now 6 years old so it will be the next thing in line!

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