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Low Network Transfers, ROV unusable

I updated the firmware on my companion computer to 0.0.26 and the Pixhawk to 4.0.3 when I installed the new newton gripper last weekend. Ever since then my ROV has been unusable due to horrible connection speeds. Even QGroundControl constantly loses connection to the vehicle. The ROV was working fine until I updated the software. I’m not sure how to go back to how it was before. I tried the different Pixhawk firmware options (even default firmware and settings) with no real difference, and I don’t see a way to roll back the companion computer.
Do I need to remove the microSD card and manually flash a older version (like 0.0.25), or is there a simple fix?

But sometimes it briefly goes back to normal before the network speeds crash again. I only used the “Manual” network settings. I just clicked the “DHCP Server” option before I took the screenshot because I was considering trying it.

Ping of results:

I finally got around to trying to manually flash the 0.0.25 companion computer image since obviously “updating” the ROV to 0.0.26 and 4.0.3 was a huge mistake (for the second time in a row), but I don’t see a download link for it since it only has the latest version. Rolling back ArduSub was super easy since I can manually upload the ‘ardusub-402-depth-hold-fix’ image. I just need to roll back the companion computer.
Downloads · GitBook (ardusub.com)

I also tried poking around on GitHub to try to find the older version, but I’m not sure how to use GitHub so I didn’t see anything useful to me.
GitHub - bluerobotics/companion: Companion computer startup scripts and examples

Have you tried using the “git” function in companion?


You can also find previous version of ardusub here:

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Thanks. I haven’t tried that yet. I just need to get the companion computer back to 0.0.25 since that was the last known good configuration for my ROV. I have a known good ArduSub image that I can upload on the web interface page, so that isn’t a problem. I still appreciate having a link to all of the versions.

Hi @btrue

Hope the git page worked, it has done the trick for us a lot of times:)

Anyway, below the link for the 0.0.25 rasp image


Made it from the section “Previous Stable Companion Releases” at:



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