! ArduSub Bug Fix!

Hello all, there have been several reports of unexpected behavior with throttle control lately, and it turns out that a bug was recently introduced in the ArduSub firmware for the Pixhawk.

This bug has been fixed, and it is advised that you update your Pixhawk firmware if you have been having issues.

To determine if your current firmware is affected by the bug, you can do the following:

  1. Turn on your BlueROV2 and connect the tether interface to the computer, or connect your pixhawk to your computer directly with a micro USB cable
  2. Open QGroundControl on your computer and verify that the Pixhawk is connected.
  3. Click the gears icon in the QGroundControl menu bar.
  4. Select the Parameters tab.
  5. Type 'RC3_TRIM' in the search bar.
  6. If the value of RC3_TRIM parameter is 1500, your current firmware has this bug, and you should update.

The updated firmware (.px4 file) can be downloaded here. Note, if you are using the BlueROV2, you should download the firmware in the ‘PX4-vectored’ folder.

Instructions to flash updated firmware to the Pixhawk are here.

Thanks a lot lot for your replay .

I will do the firmware update yes my RC3 TRIM value was 1500 .I had set it already to 1100 .

In the manual mode in the pool the rov works fine to all directions. I will check everything again .

The motor that is not working well is the frond right one I replaced on the controller the channel position to ch 2 that the motor of ch 2 is working property but the motor keep vibrating and running low .

I will check again after the firmware update .