Getting video, but no connection to rov

Having a bit of trouble. First, the fathom tether box through USB would load an ethernet connection, but then just dumped it, this happens multiple times and then gives up. Another computer loads it just fine but does not connect to the craft either.
Bypassed the fathom and tether and went ethernet right into the companion computer on the craft. Now I get video, but no connection to the ROV.
I managed to get the firmware update to the pixhawk with a USB right to it using QGC, but cannot get the companion computer to update. The update page at shows version 0.0.26 and “no updates available” but I know the current version is 31. The drop down box for wifi is blank. If I do a download test it works fine, so its getting internet.
Have tried multiple connects, disconnect for ethernet, ROV power, reboots of the laptop, been at this for 4 hours now. There is an obvious problem with the fathom box not talking to the PC, and a separate problem of QGC not connecting. BUT there is video coming through the cable…

Hi @RV_Zephyr,

You could potentially follow the instructions here to get the wifi SSIDs to show up (assuming you’re already in range, and the Raspberry Pi is not sitting inside a metal enclosure), but most likely the simplest approach would be to flash on new software directly.

Note that our old Companion Software is no longer being developed, so you may wish to transfer your system to using BlueOS instead :slight_smile:

If you’re still having issues after updating to all the latest software and firmware then most likely there are some hardware issues going on, which we can try to work through and figure out.