Best Ardusub branch for mavros fake_gps plugin

I’m currently unable to get GPS_INPUT or HIL_GPS messages on my pixhawk through the mavros fake_gps plugin on Ardusub 3.5.3

Should I be using the the Ardusub 3.6-dev branch? Does it have more support for GPS input messages?


I would recommend to 3.6 dev as development work, since it’s in beta and should be our next release soon.
Are you using GPS_TYPE as mavlink (14) ?

Hello Patrick,

I have the GPS_TYPE set to 14. I’ll try upgrading to Ardusub 3.6 and try the mavros fake_gps plugin again.

I have debugged a lot and can’t quite figure out if the fake_gps plugin isn’t creating the HIL_GPS/GPS_INPUT mavlink message, or if the Ardusub flight software isn’t handling the GPS mavlink messages properly.



Sorry for not being able to help you further since I don’t have a local ROS installation here (and it’s not a easy/fast thing to setup).

But I can give you some tips that may help you to debug this problems:

  1. It appears that the fake_gps plugin uses the HIL_GPS mavlink message.
  2. Such message is being decoded here by ardupilot.
  3. I may be wrong about the GPS_TYPE as mavlink (14), try with GPS_TYPE as HIL (7), since this is the message used by it.

I hope this helps you to debug the problem, and please share the solution if you find out :slight_smile: