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Auto heading mode without pitch and roll holding

For using heading hold without the ROV fighting roll and pitch I can stop that by setting:

Not easy wile piloting, is there a way to do that without trying to make a new mode myself? (puuuh)


Hi @Boko,

I’m afraid there is no truly practical way to do that… Maybe a pymavlink script?

Thanks @williangalvani for tip!
I took a journey in the pymavlink world and made a script to disable Roll and Pitch on BR2 6DOF.
One usage is when piloting close to silty bottoms, You do not want vertical thruster blows.
In case somebody want to use, I put modules at Github: https://github.com/BoKoppel/BlueROV2.

Found two small issues in the site that helped me scripting: https://www.ardusub.com/developers/pymavlink.html

  1. The link to website for Mavlink common commands did not open:

Instead I found: https://mavlink.io/en/messages/common.html

  1. Info on Ardusub site:
    # Set parameter value
    # Set a parameter value TEMPORARILY to RAM. It will be reset to default on system reboot.

After setting parameter values to 0, they do not go to default after reboot.
I solved that by making 2 scripts: StabOff.py that sets Roll and Pitch off, StabOn.py that sets parameters back to original.