Depth hold without heading stabilisation

Hello Everyone, Happy New Year!

Just wondering if we can set the depth hold function without having the auto heading engaged?

I have a Camera frame with multiple cameras attached, and was planning on using the Blue ROV to maintain a set depth while towing the frame at low speeds behind a vessel. My issue is when the depth hold function is engaged, the heading is also engaged which we don’t want. We need the frame to be towed plumb behind the vessel which may alter its heading slightly due to environmental conditions. Also it would be near impossible to have the ROV heading and boat heading synchronised, therefore the frame will tend to veer away from the vessel each transect if we cannot disable the auto heading function…

Hope this makes sense…

Can this be done?


The only way is to reduce the Yaw controller gains to zero, and loose heading stabilization in any mode. Otherwise heading is always stabilized in depth hold mode. Redirecting...

Thanks Jacob!

Not being very familiar with the ardusub system would the parameter I need to set to 0 be the following -

ATC_ACCEL_Y_MAX: Acceleration Max for Yaw

Or would I need to change a few of the parameters?


ArduSub uses PID controllers for the attitude control.

You should set the yaw P, I, and D gains to zero on both rate (RAT) and angle (ANG).

OK my BlueROV2 must be a bit weird then - I’ve been forever wondering how I can get autoheading mode while in depthhold - with mine it is one or the other but never both!

Try to reset to the default parameters. Vehicle SettingsFrameLoad Default Parameters