Depth Hold and Stabilize

Both “Depth Hold” and “Stabilize” works really well and are very useful tools to help controlling the ROV, but right now I have to chose 1 of the two modes. Would it be possible to change this to “Depth Hold” on/off + “Heading Hold” on/off, including having both on at the same time?

Depth hold is the same as stabilize mode, but it also stabilizes depth.

Right now, you have Manual mode (no hold), stabilize mode (heading/angle hold) and depth hold mode (heading/angle/depth hold).

Are you saying that you want to be able to hold depth without holding heading?

hi ,Jacob
Does the “angle hold” refer to the pitch angle and roll angle?

Yes @oceanman, that’s right. We turn down the angle hold on the bluerobotics by default (ATC_ANG_RLL_P), but the roll disturbances are still damped (ATC_RAT_RLL_P).

I did not realize that.

Then I would apreciate having a “Depth Hold” (without heading)

In this way it would be possible to toggle depth on/off and heading on/off

Ok Mikxie, can you tell me why you want this or why it is more useful than what we are already doing? This would be a pretty significant change in the autopilot code.

If I am the only one asking for this, you should probably work on more important issues first :slight_smile:

I have two reasons:

Smooth heading adjustments is more difficult with autoheading, which makes it harder to do smooth videos.

All the other ROV’s I used previously did not have auto heading as part of auto depth

I agree with Mikxie , it would be helpful to use auto depth & auto heading independently .

We cannnot control the yaw angle when auto depth?

You can control the yaw angle. When you are not controlling the yaw angle in Stabilize or Depth Hold mode, the autopilot will lock the yaw angle. @Mikxie does not want the yaw autopilot to lock the yaw angle.