Controlling in Depth Hold mode

We want to run an autonomous run with ROV2. We want to execute depth hold mode and controlling over the thrusters at the same time. Is there any way to run the bot at the same altitude and perform few task.



The only difference from manual and depth mode is that the ROV will try to maintain the
depth. Sending manual input while in manual and in depth mode will be used as a velocity reference for the thruster, but after no more inputs in Z the ROV will start to control the depth.


Thank you for the info.
So once we shift to depth_hold mode, the bot will hold the depth even after i give him the command to do some another task ?
Eg: we are planning to control the bot with this command


So will the bot sway towards the right at the same depth ?

Or Can we use the RC commands to run the vehicle in the required direction ? if yes then is there any Syntax for this command ?

Thank You.

Yes, if the vehicle is in depth hold mode, it will hold it’s depth as you pilot it with MANUAL_CONTROL or RC_CHANNELS.

Documentation on the rc channels and mavlink commands are on