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A couple of questions on BlueROV2 Depth Hold

(Andrew) #1


I have written my own depth hold code for my DIY ROV. I am curious with a couple of questions…

  1. I assume BlueROV2 reduces power at different thresholds at it approaches the assigned depth - what depth and power thresholds do you use? Is it a stepped or linear reduction?
  2. Does BlueROV2 allow the operator manual control while in Depth Hold mode by momentarily disengaging the Depth Hold while the input is acted on and then reengaging Depth Hold once the input stops (i.e. a manual over-ride). The manual (joystick) direction may be for the ROV to ascend when the Depth Hold is asking it to descend etc…

My heading hold code is next on the development path…:grinning:

(Willian Galvani) #2

Hi Andrew,

That is cool, let us know how it goes!

  1. The current code is quite complex.
    This is the file where the magic happens for ArduPilot in general, some specific sub code runs here and here
    The control system is a PID(Porportial-Integral-Derivative) controlling aceleration, which receives an Acceleration setpoint given by a speed P(proportional) controller, which in turn receives a speed setpoint given by the P(proportional) position controller.

  2. It “relaxes” the controllers when the pilot’s output are above 5%, see here

(Andrew) #3

Thanks William