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List in depth hold mode

(Heinz) #1

Hello, has anyone other than me had this experience.
I have been doing multiple pool tests lately and have leveled the ROV2 perfectly and I have left a slight positive buoyancy on it. I manual mode it flies as you would expect and levels itself once the thrusters are not engaged. In stabilize mode it flies totally level and very stable. Once depth hold mode is engaged the ROV2 immediately lists 5 degrees and holds that list even if you try to manually level it. I have calibrated my gyros and compass many times and have not had luck in stopping the list in depth hold mode.
Has anyone had any luck in getting the “SHIFT” button on the joystick to work? Is that it perhaps where you can adjust the roll?
Much thanks

(Jacob) #2

Hi Heinz, what does the attitude indicator look like when you are in stabilize mode, vs depth hold? When the ROV lists in depth hold, does the attitude indicator indicate that it is level?

(Heinz) #3

Hi Jacob, here’s two images from QGC. Image 1 is in stabilize mode and the second once in depth hold mode. Please note it did the list to the left before and after I had added the hook you see in the image.Once in depth hold mode the ROV begins to wonder off due to the list. Any help would be appreciated.

(Jacob) #4

Oh this is weird. What is your ATC_ANG_RLL_P parameter value (0 is our default)? Can you try setting that to something like ~6 and let me know if it behaves differently?

(Heinz) #5

Ok I will try to get to that parameter and try it out. I appreciate the tip.