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Depth Hold Mode Issue



I have purchased the BlueROV2 last year. Built and configured properly, and everything worked as expected.

After almost a year of not using it, I had dived it recently. Manual mode worked fine, but the depth hold mode, when engaged, makes the ROV plunge, rise and move rapidly and out of control. What could be the issue here?

Also, the camera tilt function has been dead for quite some time. What are the usual suspects to the camera tilt issue?

I’ll be looking forward to your answers. Thanks.

(Kaos) #2

There have been updates in the last year. I would start by doing that n then look deeper(pardon the pun) :sunglasses: The docs for br2 are kept fairly up to date n would be a useful place to start http://docs.bluerobotics.com
Check all connection to make sure they are seated well.
Come back to forum if still having trouble