(x,y,z) axis reference - BlueROV2

I was processing the BlueROV2 data logs. Acceleration is given in 3axis.
There are AccX, AccY and AccZ
However, I’ve not been able to find documentation about what are the axis based on ?
I saw that Yaw values are based on the compass orientation and that is all.
Do you know anything about this ?
Thank you for you help

Hi @Nathan_R07,

ArduPilot vehicles follow aeronautical orientation conventions, but the relevant coordinate axes depend on the reference frame.

  • For body-frame coordinates/values (e.g. IMU or ATTITUDE values of/from the vehicle relative to itself) the convention is x-forwards, y-right, z-down.
  • In the world-frame (e.g. for positioning/orientation data of the vehicle relative to the world) the NED convention is used (x-north, y-east, z-down).

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Great, thanks a lot :slight_smile: