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Ardusub yaw oscillations when translating with custom vectored 6DOF frame

We have built a custom frame modeled after the BlueROV2 which has thrusters in a vectored 6DOF configuration and is running a Pixhawk.

When testing it with manual joystick control, we observed excellent depth stability and smooth yaw rotation. When moving forward/backwards/left/right, however, there were significant yaw oscillations. We briefly attempted to tune the yaw, but weren’t sure whether to tune ATC_ANG_YAW_P/I/D, ATC_ANG_RAT_P/I/D or something else.

There is video of this here.

What should we be doing to remove these oscillations?

Hi @akiyeng2,

This is the way to go. both _RAT and _ANG controllers are active at the same time and work together. The ANGle controller controls position and its result is an angular velocity that is fed to the RATe controller.

I think your ANG_P is too high, but it is hard to tell from the video alone. Can you share the log of this dive in the sdcard?