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Why is my depth sensor not working

So i have my depth sensor attached to an 12c splitter and that goes to my pixhawk. I have a tempreture penetrator sensor aswell on that splitter. I’m apparently getting a tempreture reading from the sensor but when i am trying to do depth hold. It says that my depth sensor is not detected. What should i do and is this the right sensor for using depthhold.

What depth sensor do you have?

i think i have the Bar30 sensor

do you have to use a specific sensor to unlock the depth hold feature or can you just use any

It must be the bar30 or bar100 to work.

Please try to connect the bar30 directly to the pixhawk. Then, in the qgc application window menu bar, go to widgets -> mavlink inspector -> vehicle 1 and look for a row that says SCALED_PRESSURE2. Take a screenshot of the rows that you have in the mavlink inspector.

i cant find a scaled_pressure2 but i do have a scaled_pressure row and a scaled_pressure3 row